8X Hot Sauce is made by Lancy’s Fancy Kitchen Inc, at a plant in Riviera Beach Florida. We use high quality ingredients in a state of the art production facility.

The recipe we use comes from a 100 year old Family Recipe. We spare no steps from the
original recipe. 8x Hot Sauce made from Tomatoes, Cayenne pepper and other spices.

8x Hot sauce is packaged in a 5oz bottle. The recipe is designed to make everything you put it on, taste better, from sandwiches to subs to stir fry and Chinese food, chicken wings, all kinds of roasted meats and salads.

8X Hot sauce is uniquely formulated to taste sweet at first, but then the heat kicks in slightly later. This feature is what makes it stand out among all the other hot sauces in the market.

We would love to hear from you. Reach us at 8xhotsauce@gmail.com.